Lake Königssee

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Lake Königssee

Sightseeing tours in the Bavarian alps

You will reach Lake Königssee after a one and a half hour drive from Munich. Fjord-like at the foot of the famous and second highest German mountain, mount Watzmann, lake Königssee lies in the middle of the Bavarian mountains near the Austrian border. From Schönau village you will board a boat.

After an exciting 30 minute ride including the unique experience of the “Königsee-Echo” you will reach San Bartholomew’s church (Sankt Bartholomä) at the shore of the lake. Founded in 1134 and a favorite holiday spot for the Bavarian kings since 1810 the world famous pilgrimage site has become a favorite spot for landscapists.

Don’t miss experiencing this stunning mountain and lake scenery.

Eagle’s Nest


The former “Führersperrgebiet”, Hitlers personal restricted area is a Third Reich remnant. High up the mountain top enthroned is the Eagle’s Nest, a gift from Germany’s NSDAP (National Socialist German Worker’s Party) to their Führer Adolf Hitler. This costly construction devoured 30 million Reichsmark which is the equivalent today of around 118 million Euros. You can reach the Eagle’s Nest by hiking up or by taking the elevator.

An elevator which is hidden deep in the mountain, driven by a submarine diesel engine.

Don’t miss to visit the “Dokumentation Obersalzberg”. It offers the visitor the opportunity to study and reflect on the history of Obersalzberg and National Socialism.

This tour combines well with the Salzburg City Day Tour.

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